Admin - Getting started.

The starting point in the system is groups where there are locks/lock groups. When you add users (with policy) and publish the changes, the users get access to the locks in the group with a validity according to "their" policy. Since many people have the same policy, the policy on the user is linked from a template. A user can be linked to several groups.

Your role is to:

  • Create/invite users.
  • Edit user
  • Connect users to groups.

We assume in this description that your supplier has set up a lock configuration and incuded the locks that you have been delivered into the respective group. Having said that, the groups with the respective locks already exist.

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Invite users (recipients of keys) :

In the menu, click Invite more . If you use "Create new user", an email is not sent out where the user can create an account. Only suitable if you are going to add administrators etc. who are not to receive keys.


In the next step, you can add policy and groups for the people you invite, so plan the invitation based on homogeneous groups, ie people who must have the same policy and group affiliation.

1 - Enter email addresses separated by commas (,). There is currently a limit of 10 addresses at a time.

2 - Click verify email addresses. In the right field, the addresses appear and if you have an invalid address, it will be marked in red.

3 - Click create x users.

4 - Choose a policy for the users you invite.
5 - Select one or more groups to which the users should be invited. They are the locks in these groups that users each get their own key for.

The above steps are finished by clicking "Publish changes" in the yellow field.

When the invitation has expired (email with instructions is sent from the system), the users get the status pending registration . When users have registered an account to receive keys in the app, they switch to an Alias ​​that is generated based on the first 3 letters of the first and last name and a possible serial number. The recipient can directly retrieve their key after they have created the account.

Det var inte mer än så för att komma igång. Läs om när din organisation förändras på separat sida.
* The user can only have one RFID key per lock configuration. An organization can have several lock configurations, but it is unusual to need more than one configuration if you only have RFID locks. A lock configuration tells the lock how it should act. For example, which sector on the Mifare card it should read from. If you have a lot of lock groups, you may need to read more sectors and with that you need more lock configurations. Another example is that you have both RFID and Bluetooth locks in the organization and with that different keys are needed.